Did Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence walk out of an Australian radio show interview after the host asked an awkward sex question? Well, not exactly.

Chris and J. Law were on Australia’s KIIS “Summer Fling” show (because it’s currently summer in Australia) promoting their new film Passengers when the host asked the co-stars, “Where’s the most adventurous place you’ve had sex?”

While Chris answered the question, Jennifer didn’t. Then, the interview was abruptly cut short. However, while the stars did leave the interview, it sounds like they weren’t in the radio studio as some assumed, but just on the phone.

The pair was likely doing a phone interview radio tour, calling in to various stations around the world. A publicist or spokesperson for the actors was probably the one who cut the call, because they didn’t like the question or just sensed Jen was uncomfortable.

So, while it sounds more dramatic and newsworthy to say Chris and Jen “walked out of an interview,” they really just ended their phone call.

Listen to the radio interview clip in my latest Clevver video below!

Header Image Photo Credit: @passengersmovie