Warriors Mom is clearly living her best life and I am so here it.

Don’t know Warriors Mom? Let me introduce you. Warriors Mom first achieved Internet fame when a clip of her busting some serious moves at a Warriors basketball game on the Dance Cam went viral.

Warriors Mom has embraced her online stardom and even started an Instagram account, @DanceCamMom. She posts videos of her various Dance Cam moments, as well as other funny dance videos to brighten your day.

Now, Warriors Mom has gone from the stands to center court. The Warriors’ dance team asked her to perform a routine with them during halftime at a recent game and she totally killed it! Slay, Warriors Mom, SLAY.

I love this video SO MUCH. I’ve watched it probably a dozen times! Warriors Mom is the kind of carefree, confident person we should all aspire to be more like.

Haters are gonna hate. So, what are you gonna do? Shake ’em off… like Warriors Mom. Some may criticize her silly moves, but I can guarantee they aren’t having half as much fun as she is.

Header Image Photo Credit: @gswdanceteam